Now is the time to save your spot

To reserve time in one of The Sweet Spot's Topgolf Swing Suites to play golf or enjoy the Topgolf target games or non-golf games, click on the "Reserve a Suite" button below.  Guests may reserve a suite up to four weeks in advance.  If you have an event you'd like to schedule further out than four weeks, please call us to talk to our Event Manager.

If you'd like to come and just enjoy our delicious food and not play in one of our Suites, call us at (610) 813-2536 and select option 2.

If you have ADA Accessibility concerns, please call us to reserve a Suite that will satisfy your needs.

If you’re not sure how long to reserve a suite, here’s what you can expect for typical activity (please be sure to choose the appropriate duration when searching for reservation times):


Number of Players

Approx Time

9-Hole Golf Course


1 Hour

9-Hole Golf Course


2 Hours

18-Hole Golf Course


2 Hours

18-Hole Golf Course


4 Hours

Topgolf Target Games


2 Hours

Non-Golf Games


1 – 2 Hours

If you plan to eat while playing in the suite, we recommend reserving at least two hours or reserve a dining table either before or after your suite reservation to ensure you have enough time to eat. 

At The Sweet Spot, our simulator bays are rented by the hour
Rates are based on Non-Peak and Peak times


11:00 am Tuesday - Sunday

Monday - By Appointment only (reserve online or call)


8:00 pm Every  Day

After 8:00 pm - By Appointment only (reserve online or call)


Monday thru Thursday - All Day

Friday - Open to 5:00 pm



Friday - 5:00 pm to Close

Weekends/Holidays - All Day


Reserve a Suite